Box & Board

Do you have an upcoming event or looking for the perfect hostess gift?  Box & Boards make a great gift that will last a lifetime. Box & Board offers a beautiful custom charcuterie board and a hand crafted charcuterie box. Perfect to memorialize that special occasion or corporate event.

Ordering is an easy 2 part process. Choose a wood product, a custom design and place your order with Resin8 With Me. You will then be directed Brie Box where you place your custom handcrafted charcuterie box.

After both orders are placed Resin8 With Me will deliver your custom board to Brie Box in Reading, MA, where you can either choose to have your Box & Board delivered or picked up.

 How To Order:

1: Scroll Through and Choose A Design

2: Choose A Product

3: Checkout

After Resin8 With Me checkout, visit:  Brie Box to place your charcuterie box order

This information will be given again on your confirmation email.
After BOTH orders have been placed we work closely to make sure your order is perfect.